New Cameras????

Has anyone else spotted the little white cameras popping up in town. I saw one being fitted to a lampost in Deptford Church Street yesterday but didnt see it today. They look like security cameras fixed to a lampost about 6ft above the ground with what looks like a power box on the pavement.

Any ideas or am i missing something obvious?

Dunno? Haven seen em n if theyre only 6ft up they should be easy to pull down?

i work in DEPTFORD where a bouts are they ? i will investigate

Prob bus scanners, they scan busses as they pass so control knows where they are and, if fitted, at your bus stop they tell you when to expect your bus.

Thought the bus stuff was done with transponders which was why ther’s a whole rash of 10 ft. posts with little black boxes with a bitty aerial on top adding to the street clutter we don’t need.

Thanks guys, the bus thing makes sense as the 2 i saw were both next to bus lanes. They were gone this morning. If i see any more i’ll stop and have a closer look. Thanks again.

There was one on the lights at Arce Lane/Kings Ave pointing towards Brixton this morning. I wondered what it was.