New Camera on the M4/A4

Heading in to london, as the M4 goes from 60 to 40, you have the two camera’s…one before the elevated section starts and one as the elevated section starts…Well,they’ve installed a third on the elevated section… up until this week they’d only had hash marks painted, but today i saw the camera… its literally just after the chiswick exit!!!

Be careful out there!

Blimey, I was down there recently. Thanks for the headsup fella!

Wow cheers, I was always wary of those hash markings, That took them a while dident, that must have been camera-less for over a year…

Is this the 1 that is just after the Chiswick exit, where the elevated slip road from the a4 comes up and joins the m4, it’s literally on the corner as the roads lane’s join??

I noticed that during the week, never have before so assuming its new? scared the crap out of me when i realised the speed i came up the a4 and changed to the inner lane directly infront of it.

lesson learnt

yep, thats the one…its a 40 zone…

It used to be there for a few years, then they took it away… and now its back again, guess they need the money it creates again :angry:

That one was there years ago then it vanished. Its back again now :smiley:

Cheers for that, always noticed the painted lines but knew there was no scamera, luckily only time i’ve been that way recently was on Tuesday night and i came off at the Chiswick exit, nice one.