New Camera A40 Eastbound

A new camera has just gone up eastbound (coming into London) on the A40 just at the end of RAF Northolt and the turnoff for the Polish War Memorial.

Becareful here as the camera is just as it goes from 70 to 50mph and is hidden from view behind the big turn off sign for The Polish War Memorial exit. You only see the camera as you are going too fast to slow in time.

No markings down as yet.

there was a mobile white van with a little camera poking out the top of it along the a40 just after the already mounted one (the one that is just after the slip road coming from the hoover building) parked nicely inbetween all the other parked cars… you can only see the litle bugger when ur close enough to it… WATCH OUT! x

That ones been switching sides over the last couple of weeks.

Also today there was the blue van with the camera coming out of the roof… it’s a speed camera one not a local council money maker one, on the Greenford Road just after the roundabout coming towards Greenford, opposite the ambulance station, parked between cars hidden out the way. Crafty buggers!

I am NOT going down the A40 anymore then. WTF is going on with that road? Are there more than usual amount of accidents there? Of course, because it has to be safety camera related doesnt it?

it’s road user’s taking the **** as usual, so in effect, so to speak, the law has to as well to get the situation under control.

Thats a terrible response Darryl. You will as well know yourself in the line of work that cameras are quoted as being installed in accident blackspots. This info is quoted in safety camera partnership schemes all across the home counties. Thats what the install of cameras is covered by in the propeganda. So my question stands how many accidents must there be to justify these cameras in place under the name of safety camera schemes to reduce accidents

for some reason, god knows why that bit o the a40 past RAF northholt is a black spot.

until recently i traveled west bound on that road every day as part of my work at around 7.30 every day.

i dont understand how people can crash in a strait line, because that bit of road is dead strait yet many many people have crashed there, some have died.

almost every day there is some sort of problem there, have a look at the hedge line on your way out of town to see how many people have been threw it…


as usual probably 99% of the accidents there do not involve excess speed.

as most people with even the smallest amount of common sense know

most crashes are caused by crappy driving and not paying attention rather than speeding…

dont fine…

retrain :hehe:

Thing is Adz the camera isn’t where the usual crashes are.

Going east bound the crashes usually occur at the beginning of the airbase … noted another one Friday taking out alot of the fencing.

Going west bound the road is dead straight, there’s a service road running alongside and yet car after car crash there taking out the wooden fencing… God only knows what they must be doing.

To me the camera would be best suited on the other side of the A40 100 yards further down the road. It wont be long before another one’s mounted there, you wait and see.

It`s all a game, join in or miss out.:slight_smile: