New Camera - A10, Dalson

Went up sometime Wednesday or Thursday I think.

South of Dalston, heading South.

Watch out for it.

Yep, on Kingsland Road, between the junctions of Downham Road (Essential Rubber!) and Dunston Road.

I can see no justification for a camera there, having never seen an accident in five years of commuting down that road. Only ever seen one in the opposite direction, and that was mine! SMIDSY turned right just as I was overtaking the non-mirror-using untaxed uninsured absconding mofo.

nice one,keep an out for it on the way home in the morning…the buggers!

And another one going up on the A10! This one is northbound, stoke Newington Road (A10) near the junction with Belgrade Road, not far from the mosque and the Stokey one-way system.

By way of a roundup, there are now 4 new cameras on the Stokey - Shoreditch section of the A10, all up in the last month.

From the top, as it were:

  1. southbound just after the BP petrol station, near junction with Farleigh Road, N16

  2. northbound near junction with Belgrade Road, N16

  3. southbound near junction with Dunston Road E8, just before the bridge over the Regents Canal.

  4. northbound near junction with Pearson St E2, not far from Geffrye Museum.

None of these cameras is capable of detecting red light jumpers, untaxed, uninsured or unroadworthy vehicles, or drivers under the influence of drink or drugs, or drivers distracted by their mobile phones. But they are very good at detecting the heinous crime of exceeding the speed limit.

It’s like a jungle sometimes…

And only those of us who have legally registered our vehicles in our name !