new boy

:just joined ,went out to finchingfeild this morning, met some london bikers there and went for a ride. well all I can say is seem like there a nice bunch .who was riding that yellow bmw? sad old git thoght he could keep up with a supermoto !!!:w00t::w00t::w00t:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB:D Sounds like you may have come across Sneaky and Co. on The Breakfast Run,did the old looking one have ancient grubby MW leathers :D:D

hey fella,

i was the one struggling with a crap handling bike!..had a puncture:w00t:

blue sv, was you on the MV?

welcome to LB:D

Welcome :slight_smile:

hello and welcome!

welcome to LB :slight_smile:

you held your own on the haverhill top respect to ya mate

i’ll let you know the next time we are goin finchingfeild

nice to meet you

cheers, darren

That guy on yellow bmw was really fast.

I was on black gsx-r 600.

Welcome to LB

Hi welcome to LB x

:DHey and welcome


Hi :slight_smile: