New boy

Hello there gang, i’m new to your pukka forum & london bikers, so go gentle with me!

Nice to see some nutters on here Lol

Any ride outs this summer be glad to join (roll on spring! !! ! !!)

See ya at the ace…

Welcome to LB itchyrider.

Agree - roll on spring

Welcome,what have you got?

Welcome 'tis a great forum, with good people.Enjoy…

Hey Itchyrider, welcome to LB! No doubt there will be ride-outs happening, keep an eye on the Ride-Outs forum. It’s a bit quiet in there at the moment, but it’s not really the right time of year yet


Welcome itchy!

Hi ya! i am the proud owner of a yellow cbr 600 97 model just like the picture in my avatar

Welcome mate! Nice ride that CBR, thats for sure!

Welcome Itchy! Have you tried Preparation-H?

Hey can you help me, what does awaiting activation mean (cos im using the forum now) im confused??? Thanks

i used to but kept slipping of the bike when i got vertical…Lol

Hi mate.

Yellow CBR eh? Mate’s just put Camel fairings on his. Looks cool.



Your right (cooool) theres so many cans on ebay for that recently just incase your interested, i kept coming across them while looking for mine…

Hey there itchyrider… Welcome to our community… Look forward to seeing you out and about… Enjoy the ride…

Many thanks. was you @ the ally pally show on sat?,

I did not know you was guvnor of this site, gus should have told me…(thats if you know gus everybody knows him)

You are right, there are loads of CBR cans on ebay at pres, some are going for daft money though. Welcome to the forum.

thats a bit of a bummer now they sponsor Yam…

Welcome to Londonbikers mate.

Welcome to LB fellow CBR rider