New boots - place to swap?


Somewhat atypical question…

I’ve been given a set of new boots (SIDI ST) by a well meaning relative (who doesn’t live in the UK). These aren’t able to be returned, though are still brand new.

I’d much prefer the TCX equivalent boot (which retails for less, incidentally).

Would there be any chance of finding somewhere (I live in NW London) that might be happy to exchange? (the place that the SIDI’s were bought from doesn’t do TCX - already tried that route).



What size and colour are they? If they are 10.5/45 and black, and they fit me well, I may be interested in them.


They’re black, but a size 48


It’s probably easier to just eBay them and use the money to buy something.

Or put them up on a FB group if you don’t want to pay the eBay fees


Figured as much. Would be happy to sell at a discount on here as well.
Also going to pop along to the shops at Hanger Lane, and see if there’s anything that they might be able to do there


If they are paid online and shipped then you should be covered. May need to pay return postage but you should be able to get a refund.


Unfortunately not an option in this case - already checked and not able to go down this route!


Size 48? You’re a big dude huh!


Haha! ;D


Went along this morning to Hanger Lane roundabout, to look at the shops there.

Good news is that they can supply the TCX’s that I want. Better news is that I tried on a size 49, which is definitely much more comfortable!
Bad news is that they won’t look at part-ex/swap for the Sidi’s that I have.

So off to FB Marketplace and eBay. I’ll post an ad up here as well.