New BMW S1000RR Superbike

New Superbike entering WSB and some showrooms next year. Looks smart in race-trim. What do you think? I think it’s half Kawasaki, a quarter Suzuki and the rest Aprilia RSV-4.

Well, if they are going to improve as fast as they did in F1 it might be interesting…

I’m wondering if we’re aproaching the apogee of Superbike development? All the bikes are starting to look the same at a fundamental level. Slight curves of fairings aside, everyone uses the same suspension, the same method of suspension, the same brakes, the same discs, the same materials, nearly the same engine formats, the the same shapes, the same exhausts. Hrm. Food for thought.

I know what you mean (even though I had to look up the meaning of apogee!), but are you saying it’s a bad thing or that it’s just a natural progression of the superbike (like that of any technology)? Still, there’s more variation in it this year (engine-wise at least) with Ducati getting involved (and looking like they’re dominating too!). Who knows, maybe the Japanese factories will switch to making 1200cc v-twins for next season!

Oh and agree with you on the bikes looking the same; the front is straight-up Suzuki and the back end is a little Kawasakiey!

yeah have to agree with that.

Bit like cars now where they just put in a few figures into a computer about fuel economy and aero dynamics etc and then out pops a few standard designs…

Kawasakiey :hehe:

See now i bet if you had just posted the picture and asked us who the manufacturer was i would guess the majority would say a Kawasaki…

Knowing BMW you can guarantee that the bike will be extremely reliable and very powerful.

Could make for some interesting racing, they are racing at Le Mans again this weekend but using their Boxster engine, good strong finish last year so who knows this year…

nice sound, i wonder how its engine specs fair up to those of the more well established superbike manufacturers.

what makes this bike slightly different is the engine - IF they have actually put in pneumatic valve system…

thats something thats on MotoGP bikes… (hear Toseland talk about the pneumatic valve engine he’s now got / going to get soon…??) to put it in a bike that you can go and buy from a dealer is a fair step forward for street bikes…

I never thought a BMW would ever get me aroused but after watching that video I’ve well and truly got the horn!:smiley:

What’s the point of that bike?

  1. the step-through opening is WAY too high

  2. what’s with all that empty space between the back wheel and the seat? Put in some tasty underseat storage instead, maybe a 12v charging point for your phone, room for a flask and some sarnies, and THEN you’d be talking!


booking an appointment with my financial advisor, going to re-mortgage my house in preparation for the release date, I MUST HAVE ONE !!!

might write to them and see if they’ll let me get some test data at the ‘LB Trackday’ :smiley:

That’s a great point actually. For those that don’t know, pneumatic valves allow the valves to open and close much quicker than a standard steel spring, allowing for higher revs, and thus more power. Screamer engines ahoy :slight_smile:

High tech, but BMW have a record of bringing high-tech (if somewhat obscure) to the market successfully.

Mmmm, what about dynamic inlect tracts, reconfigurable cams? Lotus have some rocking experimental engines with this in.

off topic but Jay, is that a steering damper hanging off the side of your camera ?

Just seen the video on MCN, the bloody thing looks stupidly small. We’re not all Pedrosa-sized y’know Mr Bimmer!

I think they would struggle to homogolate a pneu valve engine as its impractical at the moment for road use. The accumulator tank needs to be charged up at the start of a race and I can’t see that as being used on a road machine.

The main reason MotoGP are going this route isn’t to gain outright power, the faster valve closure means less valve overlap and less unburnt fuel being wasted. This allows the engineers to use more power for the same fuel consumption.

This is critical as MotoGP bikes are limited to a fuel tank capacity of 21Litres(IIRC) and at the moment have the wicks turned down to be able to last a whole race.I agree that the bikes are all begining to look the same, we went through that faze years ago with the term UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) used a lot in the bike press.It is refreshing to see new shapes, see how different the RC8 is to anything out there at the moment. I was hoping the BMW would be a new design classic. We need a new 916 IMO:cool:

Chunky, where would we be without our resident MotoGP expert? :slight_smile:

Here’s a teaser of what a Team-LB WSB team bike might look like if we used the BMW:

High Res Version:

looks sweet. although not sure i’ve seen the majority share holder of corona etc slapping their name on the bikes :smiley:

or are you the rider Jay? go on…you know you want to…

If I rode it, I would be like a mobile chicane for all the other riders :slight_smile: I wouldn’t say no, but I’m competitive, I would want to be at the front or nothing!

All that money spent on development and they can’t get the Akro sticker in the right place;):smiley:

ah no worries. when you build it just make sure you’ve got a decent traction control system on it and just pin it a la moto gp (seb wishing it really was that easy :smiley: )