New Blade

Just picked up my new Fireblade and it is awesome! I had trouble peeling myself off of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s my first litre bike and I thought it may be a much tougher to ride, but it is so well balanced it is an absolute delight.:Wow:

Nod to Paul and Mike at Doble’s for their help.


Very nice as well. Always had a soft spot for the Fireblade, especially the older ones. The new one is all kinds of wrong.

That’s my kind of bike. Congrats.

Cool :cool:

very nice, looks better then the new blade

'KIN GORGEOUS!:smiley: nice bike fella, have fun! perfick weekend for it:)

I think they look fantastic, just read MCN’s review too and they rate it the best litre bike.

Very nice! Love that particular paint scheme too! :cool:

congrats, a really beautiful bike

very nice looking bike mate have fun and ride safe :slight_smile:

Sweet bike. Which version is that?

I was drooling over one-o-them in Motoden on Friday, enjoy!:wink:

It’s last year’s Blade in HRC colours. Doble’s seem to have bought the last few from Honda and, once I made my mind up I preferred it to the 2008 Blade, I hunted round until I found a spanking new HRC one before they all got sold.

Thanks to everyone for their superb comments. The bike truly is awesome. 130 miles clocked up yesterday and I think a combination of age and new the riding position had me aching like you just wouldn’t believe!

Very nice:)

If i was you, i’d adjust your mirrors though;):smiley:

Cheers. Looks great m8.

Great bike and indeed a perfect weekend to use it.

NICE BIKE…good one…

Have you any intention of bringing it to the Ace or Borough Market, so we can take a look? :slight_smile:

I have (and have had for some time) every good intention of getting to Borough.

Trouble is I live in East Sussex and work strange hours so it’s been difficult. I’ll definitely be up there in the Spring and really look foward to putting faces to names! :slight_smile:


I can see used prices going up when they release the 2008 version!:smiley: