New bits for 675 added :-)

Well miracle of miracles, but the rebuild of the near-mythical Triumph 675 I used to ride (hehe) has begun.

The forks are back from K-Tech (at great expense but I’m still too sensitive about that) looking all straight and shiny, with a new spring and valve kit in them, and the all important K-Tech stickers just like the racer’s.

I’ve installed a Clear-Alternatives combined LED tail light/indicator unit and R&G tail tidy so the rear looks sweet with no floppy indicators. Only the forks to install and the beauty will be ready to rock. That may be a little way off as various stands and muscle needs assembling for that too happen, it’s sitting on it’s downpipes at present.

well about bloody time! poor cow, shes been out of it too long! and if you dare sell it after this i`ll batter you over the head wimme tiger exhaust! hehe:D nice one;)

Blimey Matt, that’s me told alright!!

Mind, I’d rather you didn’t come to near me with your exhaust if you don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t quite understand that last bit. Paddock stand under the swing arm, jack under the down pipes and it should be easy. I’d have it back on the road in about 2 hours. But I guess if it has taken over a year to get this far you are not that bothered :laugh:

About bloody time mate! Madness! It’s almost as bad a saga as my DRZ :slight_smile: I’ll be glad to see it out and about again. You’ll be a fully fledged biker once again eh!

ooh dont you worry about my exhaust pipe love, hehe and finally you can give the kwak crap a rest:D:w00t: x

@ Nuts - man, I hear you but it’s sitting on the pipes so will need levering up to get the (currently non existant) jack under.

I have a plan along your lines and a timetable has been proposed, so it won’t be long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like you say, what’s another couple of weeks after this long hehe

Finally! Looking forward to seeing it back in one piece, A. And obviously you’ll let me have a go at some point…:Whistling:

Andrew! At least you ride your bikes faster than you fix 'em!

Well a bit faster anyway! :wink:

Whereabouts are you Andrew?I’m free weekday daytimes if you need a hand:)

I can’t wait to have another go :slight_smile:

Geez…Almost as slow as Jay’s DRZ rebuild :rolleyes: :smiley:

Mind those cows Andrew…Never know what they’re gonna be dropping :wink:

This thread is ENTIRELY worthless without pics. :wink:

I can’t believe you let that beauty sit for so long…I was THHHHIIIIIISSSSS close to trading my GSX-R750 for the 675…I liked it that much after a half hour test ride.

True mate, but that’s just to build up the suspense.

@ Chunky - cheers man I might take you up on that offer, depends…

No probs but I’m away from Friday 28/9 for a week:cool:

Just in time for some erm…winter riding!

try to keep it upright for a few months this time sweetie :stuck_out_tongue:

When are ya showing your face to the one of the meets then?

Cheeky Moooo

I’ll be out on her tonight actually…

No WAY!!!

See you at the Ace later?

Blimey! The pictures you sent me yesterday were so small that I hadn’t realised that she is all back together.

You know it’s going to be raining all night? :frowning: