New bike's in showroom!!!

I got a call yesterday to give me the reg # of my new bike, so I can get it insured. :slight_smile:

I stopped at the garage last night and had a peep through the window - there it was looking beautiful!

Got a call this morning - it’s ready when I am :smiley:

So… I am hella busy at work and can’t skive off to Northampton to pick it up today. :frowning:

I have my son this weekend, which means I pick him up tomorrow night on my way home, which means I have to drive in tomorrow. No chance to collect my bike.

I can leave my son with a friend for an hour or so Saturday morning first thing to collect the bike and ride it home. It will stay locked up safely until after I drop him back at his Mum’s after the weekend.

Ride in to work Monday - finally get some time with it, but the first of many run-in-the-engine rides, which don’t really count!

Tuesday & Wednesday: my son is having an operation to cure his deafness - excellent news - but I’m picking him up and driving him to the hospital and staying with him and driving back on the Wednesday.

So to summarise:

  1. I want my new bike now but can’t have it until Saturday

  2. Once I have my new bike, I can’t ride it until Monday

  3. The operation to make my boy hear properly again means he will be able to truly appreciate Akrapovic engineering

  4. But not until Thursday

Nice one - sounds a little frustrating but ultimately a very rewarding week.

What a cool sound to hear for the first time…hope the op goes well mate :slight_smile:

good luck for the op! :slight_smile:

Frustrating innit?:doze:

Can’t you get the bike delivered to your home? At least that way you can sit in the garage admiring it all weekend:D

I thought about that… but decided I’ll pick it up first thing Saturday so at least I get to ride it for the 10 minutes from the dealer to my house! Then I have a special game for my boy this weekend. It’s called “sitting in the garage admiring a bike all weekend”. :smiley:

Before any of the comedy geniuses say it… Yes thats my favourite game too;):D:D:D

:stuck_out_tongue: (To Chunky)

Nice on Rammo, you’ll enjoy it even more once you can get out on it and not worry about time. Best of luck with your son and the op.

Nice game indeed!

I ve been playning it for two weeks, so its no fun for me anymore! Waiting for this and that to arrive, then its work, the weather, etc etc. But tomorrow I will ride it no matter what!

What is the bike you got? Wishing you all the best with it!

Thanks for the understanding and support guys…

I shall make sure I bring the GS to BMM in a couple of weeks time…

Got it!

And thank god for heated grips this morning :slight_smile: Although having to stick to 4k rpm for 600 miles means there’s little chance of wind chill doing too much damage!!

Expect to see me down the Borough again soon - possibly next week…

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Apparently it’s gonna be a wet one anyway, and hopefully by the time you’re running her in the weather would’ve sorted itself out (not for long though; we are in the UK!). I know how it must feel sitting around anticipating though; just distract yourself as much as possible!

Is your son going to Gt Ormond St by any chance? I worked alongside the ENT, Plastics & Craniofacial teams there a couple of years ago. Good bunch of guys, top of their game. Good luck for your son’s op, and with the bike.

hope the op goes to plan for you little man.

and take it easy on the new bike, unlike this numpty, brand new tyres are slippy. Enjoy.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.

My son (Miller) had his op on Tuesday (at the Harley Street Clinic - some of the same ENT team as at Great Orm St apparently) and is making great progress.

He’s only 20 months old, and when he woke up from the op, able to hear, he was frightened as hell! :w00t: Now he’s getting used to the world, he’s all smiles.

As for me - I’m stuck at 70 mph until Tuesday (when I will remain at 70 mph of course officer) and enjoying every mile of it!

Just realised the date in your first post!

Glad everything went well for Miller (is he destined to ride Aprillias?). And enjoy the new bike. There’s nothing like owning a brand new big boy toy!