New bike's here!

eBay strikes again, bid on an auction I thought I have no chance of winning, and… got me a nice Triumph Sprint ST 1050. Unfortunately the weather today was inexplicable so couldn’t ride it home so here’s a big up to Steve from Rapid Bike Recovery who at very short notice transported the bike to me safely and cheaply, thanks! So far there’s only a couple of things I can say about the bike. 1) It’s awesome, 2) The riding position is nowhere near as sporty as I thought (good), 3) It’s fucking heavy!

So here they are, my pride and joy: the Honda “Dirty” Hornet, the Triumph “Heavy” Sprint and the Honda “Scratchy” Varadero

quite the collection you’re starting to gather. I’ve seen those ST’s take off, have left me standing in the past. Enjoy.

So pleased for you George - the collection is coming along very nicely! Can’t wait to ride out with you on your new blue baby - loving the colour :smiley: Roll on warmer weather - got to say I am probably the only LB’er not devastated by the current weather - means while my ankle is healing I’m not missing much!

looks good mate. Is that an aftermarket seat? Looks a lot more padded than mine.

I can add to your list of things 4) It’s blue.

Very nice! :wink:


Looks good enjoy, hope the weather changes soon

Well done on the bike.

Weather really wasn’t that bad today at all. You should have just rode it home.

Nice one George, the 1050 looks great :smiley:

I’ve always liked the ST…good one!

George is Triumphant on ebay then

Look forward to seeing it out and about Monday week :wink:

Tromboman: Yes it is not standard, although I’m not sure if it’s original Triumph upgrade or completely custom. Can’t judge comfort just yet but I’ll let you know

Daniel: Well it was and wasn’t, it started pretty bad, in the morning there was couple inches of snow north of London and I’m definitely not taking a new bike that is a) much heavier and b) much more powerful than what the Hornet, I wouldn’t even take the Hornet out in that :slight_smile:

Art: Yes! The forecast says 9 degrees now which is almost good enough. Got a couple days off next week anyway so might get me heated grips

congrats george, looks great

what work do you do, i want to afford more than one bike :wink:

Haha, I work in IT :slight_smile: And also I will sell the Vara so it’s not gonna be that big of a collection :smiley:

Yeah, you’ve been saying that for six months :laugh:
Looking good, when’s the first outing?

I know, I’m lazy :smiley: But I think now’s the perfect time to sell it with the season start hopefully imminent.
Which is also the answer to the second question - as soon as bloody possible! As anybody can tell from my constant complaining I’m a fair weather rider so at least temp has to be in double digits for me to go out. Next Monday forecast changed from 10 to 6 so I’m not sure if next week is the day.

Looking good!! can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

No such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. get yourself some winter gear George and get out there! You’ll be waiting till July otherwise!

Yeah I thought about getting heated gear but a) that would cost a lot and I’m in the middle of getting loads of new gear already and more importantly b) I don’t even like cold in the car because most summer tyres lose a lot of their useful properties below seven or eight degrees which is even worse when it’s wet. So I’m kinda torn, I wanted to wait for spring because it looked like it was coming a couple of weeks already but I may opt for some winter stuff anyway because I’m getting tired of waiting.

Is not about heated. Proper gore-tex/sheltex would do. As today I overreacted and was boiling on the way to work. Just no fancy leather look between November and April and you will be ok.


The thing is I have very bad circulation in my hands so even with winter gloves (which I have) I’m still seriously cold so I think at least for my hands I will have to get something actively heated. We’ll see about the rest. The jacket isn’t a winter one but fares quite well and I’m gonna get GoreTex boots so should be fine as well.