New Bikes 1st March

So whos getting what then and making me jealous ??

not me boohoo!

There all doners

Im getting a new car

oooh what car?

It is westie my dear, a New shape Corsa 1.2 SXi + 3dr in Black CMon’

ooh nice!!, very fat arse though

Cheers & i thought id lost bit of weight

Pete I think your bike makes most people jelous.

Im getting lashed with Chazter.

were going round the circle line…TWO PINTS at every stop…all for a good cause…


I dont know what you mean Vegas

Going to have to wait another month or so, but got my eye on a black Daytona 675.

hehe very nice too!!!

Its nice to see people getting new toys

Well sorry for boring everyone but I get my new CBR6 RR on Saturday!

I’m soooooooooo excited, and I just can’t hide it…

I have today got a shiny new…

Tax disc

I picked up my new Honda CBF600S today. Silky smooth straight 4

I got 2, one for the car one for the bike

Good call on the CBF

I’m being chauffered over to pick my new baby up this evening after work. This will feel like the longest day in history… ever

I seem to change mine far too regularly !!

I think I just have a fetish for the free petrol that comes in them when you buy them !!!

Looking at selling the KTM now ( comes out in Bike Trader next week !! )

Somebody stop me Pleeeeease