New biker girl

Just a quick hello, looks like a great forum! I’ve just started riding in the last six months (YBR 125) and I’m loving it. Looking forward to meeting some riders in real life, hopefully make it out to the Ace when the weather picks up :slight_smile:

Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome, do you know how to lose gracefully at scrabble?:slight_smile:

welcome aboard mo mo. :slight_smile:

Sounds a bit like me.

And a lot like Moto King.

Welcome to LB.

Welcome to LB. Hope to meet you on a ride out one day. Enjoy the forum.


welcome to lb, keep your eye out for any rides organised, all are welcome.

stay safe.

Good timing Mo Mo, this is a ride out by TimR specially for 125ers and people new to big bikes, so it’s a perfectly paced ride for everyone, and I can highly recommend it.

Hi ya and welcome to the mad house :slight_smile:

Expect some PM’s from the lads soon. :slight_smile: They will try to get you over to Blackheath to play kiss chase. :smiley:


Im gonna guess at 3 pages for this thread.

Ello and welcome :slight_smile:

Who wouldn’t want to run around the heath! :smiley:

I’m game! lol

Hey! Nice to hear about a fellow newbie!

I’m also on a YBR, and also been riding six months. You should try and make it to the Borough Market meetup on wednesday, its not bad for meeting people and getting a cuppa.


I never got this offer!! :crying: :wink:

Your’e supposed to run away from the boys Cass, not towards them:laugh::laugh:

Yo Mo :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry half the lads can’t run anyway, well at least anything over 10 seconds :wink:

i resent that statement plumbilina and will duley endevour to give you a flat tyre next time your walking infront of me…!!