New Biker Cafe - East London

Just found out today that a new custom bike shop and café has opened up in East London (quite near to Essential Rubber). Will be great to have an alternative to the Ace and Berts for meet points for ride-outs, as well as a cool place to meet up after you’ve had some new PR3’s fitted :slight_smile: so I’m hoping it’s as good as it seems. Interesting name: The Muff Café - makes it sound like a whole different kind of business :w00t:, perhaps that was the intention :slight_smile:

Website a bit limited in info at the moment - no telephone number. Have sent an email asking about how many bikes can park there, will they consider opening earlier at the weekend to accommodate ride-out groups etc. Will let you know when they reply. Anybody been there as yet?


I would be worried about parking outside, with my bike in view, using an almax, chained to a lamppost, with a police car parked next to it with two coppers in it eating doughnuts.

And I still wouldn’t be able to sit in peace.

I plan to go and check it out before assuming anything. Some pretty dodgy people go to the Ace…

Let me know when.

they called their cafe… muff??? :blink::Whistling::laugh:

Muff Cafe??? Do they put a free short and curly in every cup of tea?? EEEwwwwww

Near to Crate too, could be a hit in the summer…

I’ll ride by and have a look. Their “Custom” bikes aren’t very custom at all. A lick of paint and a few aftermarket bits don’t really make a bike “Custom”…

M.U.F.F = Munition Underwater Fire Fighter.
Hence muff diver. :wink: :slight_smile:

too far so doubt im gonna be checking it out lol i will stick to the ace closer and easier to get to.

to me it seems like a snobby looking place with a “Motorcycle Theme”

the closing times are 6pm :w00t: really most people work until 6pm and wont be able to go out to play until 8pm so this cafe aint gonna have much interest on a friday night or a saturday. helpful no menu online so no way of telling if its over priced until you turn up real helpful

cheer up Kish, the glass always seems half empty for doesn’t it mate?

ha ha im the resident ranter

Not too far from me would check it out but I don’t think they’ll like my Supermoto Brapping along :stuck_out_tongue:

As DTR Ross said seems like a snobby cafe with a bike theme. Hmmm don’t judge a book by it’s cover though! I may try pop by although I don’t finish till 6 most days.

if you can get down there do try as i would like to be proven wrong as the idea seems good and i want the pancakes and bacon lol

LOL, doing a oil change on weekend so will have a quick blast there to see, I typed in the postcode and followed it on Google Maps. It’s surrounded by industrial estates etc so it’s not your typical Hackney scene.

Will let you know.

PS: where’s your DP taken from? Looks fun

sounds good pal =]

and my dp is from my local multistory carpark in penge the top 2 floors are blocked off so i try and jump from one to the other as i know its empty and safe untill i was banned from it for wheelie jumps and rolling burnouts heheh

snobby, I suppose, to me looks like pretentious b0ll0x.

Does look like it might have a cous cous and roasted vegetables menu.