New Bike.

So the old Daytona 955i has gone to her new home, and I became the next LBer to join the Triumph st sprint club. Picked it up on saturday in the van,got it home ,gear on of I went. Had a lovelly afternoonpottering about on it. So got home, locks on cover on, thinking roll on Sunday morning for more of the same. Got up this morning and found it had rained quite a bit during the night, so thought it can stay covered up today. So this afternoon the sun comes out and the roads are dry so off with the covers and out on the bike. Only got 200 yards from my house , and some young lad on a 125,is riding down the middle of the road see’s me (I thought) and pulls over to the side of the road, I pull out to give him some room and he does a U turn,no life saver, no indicaction, nothing. So one new Sprint needs some attention to the front fairing, the frame, the rearseat cowl,oh and a rip in the seat, glad the misses was’nt on it or it might of been more serious.

All in all, its just cosmetic and hopefully it wont take long to sort out,(I wanted a gel seat anyway). But its hardley the way you want to start of with a new bike, at least he signed a statement admitting liability, just hope he is insured.

We were heartened by the words of your neighbour “Let me know if he tries to evade it, I know who he is and where he is”

Stated prior to her shouldering her shotgun and driving off in her pickup truck.:smiley:

ouch:pinch: we’ll least you can get on with riding it and not be so worried about keeking it spotless:Whistling:

Bad news fella, that kinda takes the sugar out the day. Hope its a quick fixup for you.

oh dude… big hug :smiley:

Sorry to here that Rosso. Green = Bad luck, dont ask me how I know, I just know. Or maybe its LBer + Sprint = bad luck (westie will confirm). And I’ve dropped one. A Sprint that is.

Dude that sucks. I’ve gone through a very similar situation. I can guess how you’re feeling.

Either way, it is only cosmetic. And it could have been far worse. Lets hope you get it all sorted asap.

I`ve found black ones fall over nicely under the gentle influence of a Range Rover.