New bike

Right i’m not to sure if this is the right place but here goes.

I passed my test in november and since then i have been using my honda dylan for work but i have always wanted a supermoto and i have been offered a Honda FMX pretty cheap i just wanna know what do you guys think about them and what do you thinks for my first proper bike:)

Dont do it, if you realy want a moto get a proper one not that crap, check out this thread

Personaly id say get a KTM EXC 525… thats what ive got :w00t:

try and look past the a$$ :smiley:

They spent all that time air-brushing her butt they might as well have done something with her face at the same time.

i’m going to be using it every day for commuting and it will just be used for messing around with at the weekends.

How much do the ktms go for roughly?

What sort of distance you going to be doing a week roughly? I use mine loads, well i did before i took it off the road to do some work on her(cosmetics that is nothing mechanicaly wrong), but people do say your suposed to service them loads however i do mine about once a month if that.

Depends what you get, id say you may well be better off with an LC4 engine, such as the 640 or a 660smc.

The 525’s go for around £3000 depending on what year you go for and what the spec is on it.

Not sure what the 640’s and 660’s go for

well i’d say i probably do about 100 miles a week give/take

can u get them any cheaper then £3000

plus i also herd that the ktm’s aren’t very reliable?

you can pick up a lc4 cheap £2200 upwards

640sm would be good for commuting and weekend fun

625smc & 660smc, 520, 525exc probably not as a good choice for every day use imo

if your not your not bothered about power and weight then go for the fmx650 or xt660 as they will get you longer service intervals

shop around as there are lots of deals out there:)

i can get an FMX for trade money plus i’m about 6’1 and weigh bout 9 stone lol so i’m sure it will be pretty nippy for me

take the bike for a test ride to see how you like it.

as said if you get into the moto thing, then later you’ll be looking into something a bit more up to the job:)

yeah im goin 2 tomorrow hopefully

Cheers for that link i think it will be ok for as i dont do much if any motorway riding if i get 1 will i be aloud to come and play when you guys go out lol;)

the fmx is far from nippy, shite bouncey suspention,the engine has no oomph at all, flat as dhoftys chest:D dont waste your money on one get a ktm dude or something fun like wr/yzf etc xt’s are ok bikes as i tune then but standard they heavy and slow, you need to chuck a grand at them min to get em lively :w00t:

Buy a Suzuki DRZSM, ride it for a year THEN buy a Husky, KTM etc etc.

The Suzuki is slowish and heavy but VERY good on the maintence side. It works as a commuter bike. Once you feel confident then splash your cash on something fancy.

As the Yanks say “baby steps”


its trying to find 1 for the right money lol

I agree, get a DRZsm to start you on your way. There great fun and low maintenance and you can get a nice loud exhaust. Then one year later get a KTM:D

Dont let the hard core put you off ,the FMX will do all you want for a first bike , if you want balls out power and handling buy a proper SM ,if your looking for something for commuting and weekends down the twisties it will be ideal .I have ridden a FMX but the XTX is better for a little extra cash.

i think for my first ‘proper bike’ it will be powerful enough for me plus like u say commuting and weekends it will be fun i hope plus i can get it quite alot cheaper then what it’s up for

Well i should hopefully be picking the bike up monday i got a newer 1 then what i was looking at and its only got 1600 miles on it result:D:D whens the next ride out

Alrite mate, good to see there will be another joining the crew. Dries will have somebody to hold hands with as he doesnt ride a proper moto either :hehe: He has a yamy XT is it? Anyway there is normaly a ride out every sunday up to ff for breaky then back down, think some of the boys head over to high beach after aswell. New moto’s always welcome… well anyone is welcome but moto’s more so :smiley: