New bike

Just bought meself a
Full Akrapovic
Full carbon bodywork
FOR £5100
Brand spanking new
So if anyone wants to buy a VERY trick CCM R30 let me know



Very nice ccm, but i was expecting pic’s of the KTM which sounds like the dogs stones. get some pics of it.

I will as soon as I get it next week mate.
Going to HM for a silver tune once run in as well
68-70 bhp at the wheel : )

Hey sorted mate so you finally made the decision of what to do with the money! Shame the ccm is going but the KTM sounds wicked. (So do I get a go of that one then :0)

What day you picking it up?

cool, I would love to get my KTM down to HM. They set up my blade it was sweet when they’d finished.

Mate I need a go once its done