new bike

hi all

sorry I have not been on here in a while or have I had a chance to get down to BM due to constant late shifts but just thought I would stop by say hi to all and show my new bike.

the silver ZX6R 636 is gone and I now have…

yes I jumped on the triumph wagon everyone seemed to be getting speed triples but gotta love the sports bikes

Pah, awful things. You’ll hate it…


Welcome to the Triumph Massive. Your new 'bike is gorgeous and a fantastic choice as an upgrade from your last one.

Enjoy (oh, you most certainly will).

That is rather nice indeed! :smiley:

Looks like all the cool kids these days are getting Triumphs! The even cooler ones opt for 675s :stuck_out_tongue:

zx6’s all the way!
nah im just playing (kind of), lovely looking bike, enjoy it.

Thanks all :smiley:

Janey I am enjoying it a lot thanks except from after my seat cowl was fitted went for ride… Pulled into petrol station and hmmm something’s missing :crazy: it’s ok tho dealer just ordered me a new one no questions

Slan i am a cooler kid now yay haha :stuck_out_tongue: have my old one off me at 636 you would nearly be as cool as me :w00t::hehe:

Shaunicous I still have my 636 laying around until I get round to selling

Maybe I can mian to have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Jamesg177. Congratulations on your toy. They handle well, and I find it to be a great road bike. However, I’ve had a lot of warranty issues on my 2013 Daytona 675. Fortunately it’s all been taken care of on warranty through the dealership, Palmers aka Herts Triumph. Some minor, but some major and dangerous. If you want details, let me know.

Ace man that doesn’t sound good,do you still have it?
If you could let me know what they was themat would be great I can keep an eye out if I’m getting anything similar

Hey Jamesg177, as you asked, here’s the details. Slan and Janey, take note:

As requested, here are all the warranty issues I’ve had on my 2013 model Daytona 675 :angry:
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18.07.13 Left switch gearrenewed –Cable fouling steering.

Right switch gear renewed – Cable cut through by steering.

25.07.13 Recall SB484 Exhaustvalve cables.

19.09.13 Left mirror renewed –Vibrating.

8/10/13 Bolt fallen out from left side of engine.

03.10.13 Seat renewed – Fastenerbroken.

06.03.14 Left mirror renewed –Moves while riding.

27.03.14 Sump gasket, Rear padsand Tyre renewed – oil leak from sump due to 2 bolts having fallen out from rear of oil sump.

24.07.14 Headlamp renewed – Lenscracked.

Front side lamp renewed – Condensation inside.

Front indicators renewed – Lenses cracked.

Rear wheel renewed – Poor powder adhesion.

09.09.14 Front mudguard andbrake pipe clip renewed – Brake line fouling on mudguard.

3/10/14 Bolt fallen out from lower right side of engine (holds lower fairing in place).

I’ve never had problems like this with any of the Japanese bikes I’ve owned. The build quality of the Daytona is seems poor, and the assembly appears not to have been thorough. The dealership are good at getting the warranty issues dealt with, but as the warranty expires in January 2015, I’m very concerned about how receptive they will be after that period if things continue. The dealership claims that Triumph are very good at honouring such things, but only the future will tell.

thanks i’ve already had a few of these problems myself…

left mirror on order because wobbling around

tyre pressure sensors replaced coz not working replacements not working more ordered

seat cowl fits poorly and come off somewhere - replaced

the exhaust cables were replaced before purchase and was already fitted with gel comfort seat so hopefully avoid seat issue

how did you get that list is that something you have kept yourself?

My God! What’s with all the bolts falling out? :smiley: Engine bolts, oil sump bolts. Crazy…

its these British built bikes built n Thailand lol :smiley: