New Bike

Got this as a surprise birthday present on Friday, to say I had a good weekend is an understatemnt lol

so you marrying the person then??:w00t:

Already have that’s what surprised me lol

What’s it like compared to your old one then? :slight_smile:

is this teh new big ban engined R1…i dont liek the headlights, fugly, but side view is nice, bet it sounds good;) enjoy:)


Any tips for the rest of us on what we’re doing wrong? I only got a subscription to Bike Magazine for Valentines Day.

Only done just over 200 miles but the feed back is fantastic and the tourqe on the engine is out of this world. The engine sort of feels like my mates old 999 but just keeps reving!! :smiley:

Best bike Ive ever owned by far!

All I got for my birthday was a fuggin book token and a card from my gran showing a guy who looks like Alan Partridge playing golf. :crazy:

Lovely bike by the way. :cool:

Cracking bike!! V- Nice

What a lovely suprise!! I’m dying to get a test ride on one :cool:

That’s a good looking bike! Love the colours… :slight_smile:

lets see your misses then! :smiley:

not as sexy as the bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang - I hope she does not read the forum, that bike might be going back to the dealer :smiley:

That is a nice present for a surprise. Happy birthday. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was thinking…

Surely if your woman buys you a dream bike for your birthday, you’d donned the rose tinted glasses and swear blind she was the spitting image of Angelina Jolie :w00t:

LOL OK she is the best woman ever and 10 times better looking then your dream woman!!

You are one lucky blighter.

nice present. :hehe:

they say money doesnt by you happiness though…yeah right :cool: