New Bike

Well not new new as she’s an 02 model, but new to me and my first “big” bike. I’m dead chuffed :smiley:



very nice mate have fun on it :slight_smile:

nice one mate!


nothing like the feeling of getting your first big bike


Nice one Cliveaid - have fun mate! :slight_smile:

enjoy it


You know you’ve joined the big boys club when you get your first spotty kid asking you ‘how fast does it go mate’ :slight_smile:

another bandit on the roads, ace choice fella :wink: :cool:

Good choice, I did 40k miles on a Bandit in 4 years, it was a great workhorse

Nice one Clive! That looks like a minter:)

Where ya gonna put your LB stickers?:wink:

Take it easy and enjoy:cool:

She looks lovely. Enjoy every second!

give it a few weeks and the modding bug will kick in and you’ll be maxing out credit cards on shiney bits :smiley:

nice one clive!

looks very clean…have fun with it…enjoy mate:D

Stickers have been ordered Chunky :slight_smile:

It’s a good job I’ve got a full face helmet on because other motorists would be wondering what the hell I’m grinning at all the time when I’m out on her. :hehe:

Very nice for a first time big bike. Enjoy!

Nice, Enjoy!

Looks good mate. Wish i had a screen like that for this weather, it’s freezing.

What do you expect? Riding round in a tee shirt;):smiley:

12 or 6?

looks nice though, pavel had 1 of them b4 he went over to the dark side.

It’s a 6 but after riding a 125 it possibly feels like a 12 to me! :smiley: