New bike

Well, R1 gone, '06 Speed triple now in garage!

Top bike, now I can ride B roads again and I can commute without losing the skin from the inside of my knees. On first impressions I reckon for most occassions It’s as quick as the R1 - doesn’t of course have such a mad rush at top end and not nearly as quick on the smooth stuff, but better comfort and visibilty deff make for riding quickly. The only disconcerting trait of the Triple seems to be a tendency to feel like the fronts going to tuck, leans ok then suddenly drops onto the edge - might be a tyre issue, I’ll see how it goes.

Tail tidy on, new Renthals arrived today, gearchange sorted, pillion pegs off - I’m looking forward to hooning about on it.

Never really got on with my 07 R1, whereas I loved my 2000 model, but depsite the 07 being a fantastic bike just couldn’t get comfortable. So after all these years I end up on a British bike - never would have thought it!