R1 joey has another R1, Just couldnt get over my last one, So went to get another today.

Hey hey

Hey Joey!

Lovely very lovely! you pleased?

Thanks girlie, Im chuffed, I sold my silver one last month, So yeah I couldnt live without it, I regretted the sale of my silver one big time. Oh well Im happy again.



Its very sexy - u been out on it yet?

Only back from the shop, I have to get it taxed yet.

Il bring it up borough when im free, You can have a go if you like, Its as smooth as.

I’d love but not allowed yet!! May be in 2 weeks time :o)

ok chick, 2wks it is then.

Looks brand new

Giz a go Joey…Would like to see how it compares to my 04

Its an 04 plate, 03 model. Sure you can have a go.

I love this shape, Had the choice between this and 04, 05.

lovely- whilst you’re being so generous, can I have a go as well

nice mate, looks mint

Of course I offered you the last time on my silver one, When I have time I will pop it down to borough.



Thanks JB Its really clean, But not as clean as my last one.

you’ve put a big grin on my face

Hey Joey, she looks great my fav colour of that model as well


very nice