Hey everyone not to brag at all but i just purchased my first new bike. I went for the black 07 CBR RR i’ll arrange some pictures when i pick up the bike. Hopefully that will be on sunday as long as my insurance papers come through with this postoffice ******** strike! Also have to make sure i don’t trash my current bike till i swap them over.

Nice one mate great bikes cant wait to see some pics



Very nice mate.

Nice. Can I ask why the Honda rather than Suzuki or Kawasaki ?

Sure you can Firstly I’ve always driven honda cars and ridden honda bikes. And secondly it’s been voted best bike of 07. I rode it today and loved it from the word go.

Good Choice.


Lovely, though i rather like the black and white one myself… now if they’d only do a 750 version…

Huzzah my insurance paper work came through i’m picking up tomorrow!!!


This bike has had great reviews so I;m sure you’ll love it! And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of bragging, lol. I’d be excited if I was picking up a brand spanking new bike as well

well i’m sure you’ll see it sometime i’m just up the road from you near kilburn tube station.

I’ve got a test ride on one tomorrow. The Honda dealer is actually a car dealer with a bit of space for bikes, bit odd compared to the usual bike dealers.

Gorgeous bike mate.You lucky sod!!! Don’t Honda just make the prettiest bikes.

Be gental with the brakes they are razor. If they haven’t done so already ask them to put the front brake on 3 gave me very good feel. If they look baffeled run! Oh and enjoy it’s fantastic.

I rode a ZX-6R and the brakes on that almost put me over the bars first time I used them, talk about initial bite

The only issue I had with it is that if you want to make progress you need to wind it up so much that things start to happen quite quickly, there didn’t seem to be a happy medium, it was a bit all or nothing. I could probably get used to it but apparantly the GSXR600 is a bit smoother and the 750 has been recommended too. Hoping the Honda will be smoother too.

Sorry, I thought you were replying to me

Have just ridden the Honda 600rr, boy how smooth is that ! It’s like a Jazz club compared to the thrash metal Kawasaki Where do Honda find midrange like that from a 600 ? Everything felt right and the build quality was good too. Kawasaki might have had a bit more power at the very top end but I’m not sure I could live with it like I could the Honda.