New Bike

Beers on me as I got me a new motor I shall be picking up my shiny new Black Z750 on Fri

Sadly this means that my Supermotay Slidey muphafucker is no more Shes been the love of my life for the last 18 months and she will be missed

Its gonna take me a while to re adjust to riding normal bikes again, so expect plety of missed apexes in the next couple of months. Everyone that I spoke too says how small they are but to me its like riding an oil tanker at the moment Handling seems pretty good and the motors a peach, only the brakes are a little wanting and I’m sure some hoses and pads will help.

See you soon on the Black Bomber

Congrats fella.

…thought you were getting a Duke?

hey mate maybe have a chat with Digi-ghost hes got a z750 in grey, its a nice looking beast! black sounds good colour

Nice one matey boy welcome to the Kawasaki club! You know it makes sense!

Oh and when she is run in make sure you throw me the keys

They look great in black!

Good luck on the new bike! At least you’ve got your memories of the moto and pretty soon this new one will be the love of your life!

Congrats and enjoy, nearly bought one a few years ago

Congrats and enjoy, braided hoses are the way to go on the Zed according to my Zed owning mate… Waiting for the Z1400 myself woooof

Nice one fella, let’s see some pics!

Got the Z for a truely stupid price and couldn’t say no. Plus the trade in on my tard was very very good 0% finance was the icing on the cake

I know. As soon as I have one of those bonding rides I’m sure I’ll being to get over the SMC of DOOM

Pic it up Fri. In the mean time



Icing is always good

Well done, my friend has one and he loves it to bits, hope you dont miss your old bike too much…

Nice one Supermofo, will have to drool over it on wed night and you can give me some advise on how to change to nice, quite DRZ into a killer SM bike (well 'ish, it’s not a KTM after all!!)Lol

Sadly poss not as I play footie on wed, but maybe on a Fri night. As for your DRZ a new engine might help

Looks smart!

Supermofo, a new engine and a cast ally frame might help. I could also diet (a lot) but that would be pushing it.

lovely…pleased for ya…I love that feeling…I went through it all over again when I got my Bike back after it was stolen…enjoy and ride safe

I have never owned a brand new bike before