New bike!!!!

I’m picking up my new tri-colour CBR1000RR on Saturday! Happy as sandman and can’t wait to get back on a litre bike.

Me 'n the R6 have had a lot of fun together and the 8000 miles and 11 months we have shared have been great. Have been mightly impressed with the build quality, I rode it through winter and there isn’t a single spot of corrosion on it. The only thing that miffed me about the bike was the fact that the fuelling was so sensitive to changing the can, that I had to get a PCIII and some dyno time. Admittedly it was running smoooooooth after that, but every other bike I’ve owned which had a race can put on it didn’t need the fuelling adjusted!

But I having owned R1’s and Blades in the past, I missed the extra poke of a litre bike…

Best of luck with the new bike mate. keep it between the ditches.

Congratulations Waxy…

Let me know when you bring it into work so I can get a good look at her…


I bring my bike in everyday…can’t be dealing with the train. To unreliable and expensive.

Plus I’ve commuted on the train since I was 11 (my school was in Camden), so I’ve done my time on the Tube!!!

I’m off on holiday next week, but when I get back we’ll arrange summat, I’m sure you said you were going to buy me coffee

I did and I’ll be sure to bring a cup for you out of our vending machine

coffee on me then - send me a pm!

mmmmmmm…vending machine fresh!!!

Complete p***r about the screen in Canada Square isn’t it.

One of the guards here told me it was West Ham and Millwall fans scrapping. Feckers have ruined it for everyone.

I’m leaving early today though to catch the footie in the comfort of me own home.

I wasnt here the weekend and heard about it this morning…

man - i heard it was a pretty big scrap as well…

I’m working late

Best of luck mate, have fun! Please tell me you have an Almax chain, and ground-anchor, good alarm and tracker! You bloody need it in London with all the thieving beggars! Speak to Charlie about it all!

I’m so jelous mate! That will be so cool! well done