New Bike ?

Can any one give me advice for a new bike once ive past my A2 test, as you guys and girls know i can only ride up to 33bhp output. Is there any point of buying a bigger bike and restricting it or is it just pointless with the wieght and no power or should i just go for another 125? Please give me some ideas thanks.

I would go for another 125. The CBR is gorgeous or the Aprilia 125

I have a differnt view from Cezar, you could get an SV 650 and get it restricted, then in two years time, or longer you will be used to the weight and won’t be too fazed by moving on to bigger bikes. I guess it depends what you are into and what style of riding you want to do.

Hopefully you will get more advise as others here are bound to have other views and perhaps better advise. If you do go for a bigger bike and have it restricted or if you move up incrementally will be something you will have to decide on, you will know your own abilities and what suits.

Also unlike Cezar, I would go for the bigger bike and get it restricted. You will get used to handling the weight and so it will not be such a big step when the restriction is taken off.

Also as above, SV650 would be an ideal candidate.

Go for the bigger bike and have it restricted; I know a couple of riders on restricted licences riding an SV650 and CBF600 respectively and despite restriction they still seem to work quite well.

Won’t it be to heavy for 33 bph? If this power can handle the bike’s size that’s a better option no doubt

400cc all the way!

Yes makes them a bit slower than de-restricted - but not as much as you would think - half the power doesn’t mean that it takes twice as long 0-60… ok it’s a bit more sluggish on accelleration… but not massively - esp bearing in mind the majority of riders don’t cane 600s to the limit anyway. Main thing restriction seems to do is cap top end.

I would get a restricted bike for sure as well!

Yup restricted bike. Or you could get a Suzuki DRZ 400 Motard they only produce 33bhp as tested on all the dynos I have seen. That would be a sweet bike!

ok! I’m convinced! Big bike it is!

If i did get a bike bike and then restricted it down to 33bhp wouldnt it be boggy and slow on accleration ? has anyone ever restricted or riden a restricted bike?

I have not, I have got to confess never ridden a restricted bike, ridden low power bikes when younger and when training for CBT, DAS etc.

Went to Brands with a couple of friends for BSB and someone came along on a restricted SV650, that bike happily did a ton and kept up with the rest of us, gotta say though we weren’t going too mad. Kinda impressed me how it pefromed given the power was restricted.

theres a recent article in bike/ride/two (cant remember which) on how much bhp you actually use when riding

they had a racer/fast road rider/newbie go round isle of man i think and measured usage.

you prob use most on the initial pull away from the lights (at which you’re balance traction vs power anyway) and then the bhp is the amount to change speed relatively. it takes apparently naff all bhp to maintain speed - if you’re a smooth rider you use amazingly little even when riding fast (i think even the fast guy who was belting it wasn’t using much more than 50-60bhp - maybe someone can remember the detail better?

My DRZ has about 33bhp and does just fine! You won’t have a problem!

i’d go for the DRZ option rather than restricting a larger engine to an output it’s not designed to run at! ive heard a couple of horror stories about engines not playing properly once the restriction is removed!

i had a 400 restricted from 60 bhp roughly. only thing i noticed was top end was not as throaty, up 2 60 ull be fine and can get up 2 a ton… just!

They have convinced me to Cezer, get the big bike.

Found this in an article posted up not so long ago by LB member LondonBiker (no confusion intended!)

"One point worth noting, is that the restriction only refers to max. BHP, there is no limit on torque. Typically the higher a motor revs, the more BHP it produces, while the max. torque is achieved very early on in the bikes rev range. Therefore if you choose an engine with a lot of torque (like a V-twin) and restrict it, you’ll find much of it’s torque intact.

For this reason, V-twins (like the Yamaha Virago or Suzuki SV650) are some of the most popular restricted options. So while the top end power may be limited, the bike will still feel strong and smooth at low revs."

Full article in here —>

Ton up, you da man.