New Bike


I’ve made my decision… I’m buying a 2005 R1. In all honesty this is more of a financially better deal than it being “better” than a GSXR… I wouldn’t know as I haven’t ridden the new Gixxer. But… I do know that regardless of how good the Gixxer is I’m not a good enough rider to use an R1 to anywhere near its limits so the difference in the bikes, which is pretty small, isn’t a real problem for me.

I took the R1 out at the weekend and it totally blew me away. Took a bit of getting used to, it took real restraint not to change gear between 7 and 9k… Comfort wise the R1 actually felt a better fit. The Aprilia is a very long bike and high. Whether your in a racing crouch or filtering traffic your still stretched over the tank sat on “top” of the bike, where as the R1 feels more like your sat in the bike as the tank isn’t as long so your not as stretched and the distance between between the pegs and seat is much better on the R1. This is all very strange to me as I thought the R1 would be ore uncomfortable…

The power…. Dear god!! In a kind of backwards way you can see why twins are soo well renowed for their amazing corner exit power… theres so much on tap with the R1. With the Aprilia ya wind it on and power comes smooth and steady and to a degree your brain can keep up and cope with it… With the R1 this happens from such little throttle movements and your brains trying to burst out the back of your skull!

I’ll post some pics soon… I just quoted real happy at £350 full comp for the new bike… (its ace being a country bumpkin as times J)

It’s true, there’s no real-world difference between the bikes for most riders, and the decision should be made on which one you love, as these are machines of passion, after-all! I would take a K5/6 thou out for a ride though if I were you Floyd, they’re comfier (for most people, though of course this is subjective) than the R1’s, as the seat is lower and the reach to the bars shorter and higher. It also has a more torquey engine down low, which is great for road-riding.

Either way, welcome to the IL4 club and please post up pictures when you get her!

Floyd, It sounds like that R1 blew your socks off! … nice one dude, I know you’re gonna enjoy it!!

Congrats on the new steed mate. Hope she fulfills your dreams. Run her for a while and enjoy.

Well I’ve bit the bullet… I purchased a 2005 R1 at lunch time. Christ I gotta stop spending money sooo quickly!

I have a tail tidy ready to attach and a pair of blueflame race pipes ready to bolt on. I’ll post some pics when I get home.

So… wheres a good place to pick a seat cowl? Anyone know any good R1 accesory shops?

Nice one I love the R1 so much what colour did you go for? The '06 black with red wheel stripes is pure sex in my book.

Awesome mate, cant wait to see it with the blueflame can especially prob be the bollox!

Well done Floyd. I also have a 2000 R1 which I love and so cant bear to part with her. I agree with Jay however I have only heard good things about the latest R1s.

Most upset Floyd, cant belive your sold your soul and got ride of the RSV for an R1. lol

Heres a pic me mate took on me way home tonight. Hope to get the cans on in the next couple of days.

MilleMonster: I hear ya chap… but alas I was going past the 15000 miles mark so it was a case of live with it and start putting more money into it or trade in while there was still reasonable value. So I thought I would try something new and get an R1

Thats’ a nice bike buddy…congrats on it…you my friend are going to have a lot of good times on it. looks way better then the R6 too, that one reminds me of a freaking insect out of the “Predator” movie just wait for it to pop its mandibles out …lol

Nice one mate. Ride safe and enjoy it buddy

nice bit of kit mate.hope she stands you in good flame cans look realy nice.will have to hook up at ace or boxhill sometime for a proper butchers.

Totally sweet. Loving the blue, always have. And R1 accessories? If I remember I’ll have a look at the Ally Pally show and see if I can pick up some numbers for ya (aside from the usual suspects - Harris etc)