New bike

Well I gone and done it
I have just managed to buy one of my dream bikes
Not had time to look it over so can’t Wait for tomorrow
Will post some pictures soon
It’s going to be a long night just hope it’s as much fun as I was thinking it should be




What is it…

What is it..... Curtis

Well it’s a Honda so you know the dogs gonads

All I can say is wow
Still have to get the legal bits done
But so far so good
I have one of the best Honda c90 out there

You got a Cub! Back in the day I served most of my apprenticeship doing PDI’s on Cubs. 50’s, 70’s and 90’s they all rock if you ride 'em right :wink:

Here she is it was love at first sight!



I can not believe he’s finally gone and brought one.

wonder when the road trip to India is going to be?

Are you looking forward to being pillion on such a mighty beast?

I’m having second thoughts about riding this bike.
As I know bikes, like these can intimidate car drivers.
What type of protective clothing should I wear to put them at ease?
As I don’t want to get a bad name out on the open road with the wind in my hair!

Are you looking forward to being pillion on such a mighty beast? Janey
Not a hope in hell, I've been a pillion once. 

I am still trumatized by it!

You should gift it to me, I have the jacket for it!

Need pictures to prove I called custard