New bike

I think they are really ugly. I know they are stupidly fast but I just don’t like the look of them

I sort of get what you mean. I’m single for the same reason


I thought fast girls were meant to be a good thing?

Well, the paperwork is all signed and price agreed. Im now the proud owner of a shiney white 2012 CBR1000RR fireblade. Just need to wait till payday to get the remainder of the deposit (unless I sell my bike before then) and then I can go and collect it.

Nice one, and white is a good base colour ready to paint it orange.

Congratulations Sam!!

Exactly!!! :@)

Cheers Sherrie

Just sorted the Insurance, Got a great deal with MCE but the excess is £1500 so even though i am covered with insurance, i won’t ever be making a Claim!! they are very clever. the next company were £600 more expensive but had £350 excess, i’d rather pay less premium and hope i never need to use it!!

Gsxr 750, so I hear the perfect track bike :slight_smile:

Woot woot!!

In a way that was unexpected but I did have a suspicion you would get one eventually. Congrats and can’t wait to see it! Just please, PLEASE don’t paint it orange :slight_smile:

Congrats EXGSXR750_SAM! 'Blades are great- just don’t park it under an Astravan at speed- they don’t like it :-/

Lol. I hope I enjoy it more than my old 2001 blade. But going by the RHRS it is light years ahead of the 929 blade that I had.

Yay. blades rock!

My 08 was brilliant, the 954 was probably the best allrounder I’ve had and my 98 was the most comfy. the 94 was just mental!

I want my new bike!!!
Im struggling to wait any longer, I dont think I can wait till the end of the month, its going to kill me!

Start shopping for an orange wrap to cover all the white, that’ll keep you busy for awhile :slight_smile:

Lol. Already ordered a new set of Chinese fairings to match my GSXR, its going to be my colour scheme for all my bikes from now on :@)