New bike

Well, after lots of deliberation and “should I, shouldnt I?” I think I have just bought an 09 fireblade. It was a bit past my budget so needed to finance part of it. Got a call last night that the finance has gone through and been arranged! I cant do it till the end of the month as need to wait till payday for the balance of my part of the payment but all going well I should have a nice fireblade to play with in a few weeks :slight_smile:
Now to decide if I want to sell mine or keep it as a commuter bike.

Keep the gsxr for the track! :wink:

Play the blade, track the GSXR and get yourself a GSR 600 and a mother of a top box for the commute, all the best commuters have 10 gallon top boxes :slight_smile:

Well gsxr750…you must keep the old one otherwise the name doesn’t make sense! :smiley:

lol, I can change it to Fireblade_Sam :slight_smile:

Nice one sam. Look forward to meeting her!

What colour is it… Not a question I would normally ask but as its you…

They just rung, someone has just bought it! It was red but I have already sorted getting it resprayed orange and black :slight_smile:

So I am now contemplating blowing my budget and getting a 2013 model in white. It would however mean my bike has to go and id only have the blade. It will also benefit from a colour change :@)

Sam check out ‘on yer bike’ stock - they have an SP for good money and a nice 12 plate in white - I’m standing here looking at them both!

They also have a repsol one and a black one!

That’s a sign telling you should get a Yamaha…:smiley:

Cheers Sean, where is On yer Bike?

@ Alba, If it wasn’t for the RHRS on Wednesday i probably would look at other Bikes, but those Blades were so easy to ride, i can’t imagine getting anything else! :slight_smile:

It’s in Aylesbury. The white one is MINT!

Thats identical to the one im looking at. Its the 20th anniversary model. But its £1,000 more.

go there and get a deal. dont just look a the price on the market. possibly not at the weekend, go like on a monday when its really dead.

Don’t think they will knock £1,000 off. I’d have to be a seriously good barterer to get that much off!! :slight_smile:

The look on your face after our RHRS day said it all :slight_smile:


Have you considered the new ZX10R? £11,200 from Motorcycles Direct in Colchester. I was in there yesterday checking them out.