New bike - yippey

Well 2nd hand anyway (or rather 3rd) after long toing and froing I’ve finally put some money on a 2nd hand Fazer, hopefully pick it up sometime early/mid next week and be back on two wheels and able to see you all.

Saw a beautiful R6 (we are in love) but the insurance companies are crucifying me after the theft of me baby .

Still waiting for money from insurance company too .

At least I’ll avoid public transport again, what a nightmare that’s been.

congrats andrea!! back to two wheels eh? and welcome to the fazer world!!! x

nice one andrea

should of gone for a gixxer!!! stay away from those dirty yammies!!

Nice one babe

yipee!!! cant wait to see you out and about on 2 wheels.

im with adam…

i could have let you have the slingshot hun…she’s still a lovley bike and altho i dont wanna part with her,i would be a hell of alot better knowing it was going to you…

but glad your back on the road and cant wait to see you riding soon…


must ask Gina to make sure you stay clear of swear words, Gixxer?

Will be seeing you all soon, still time to leave the country then, hehehe.

Yay!!! It’ll be great to have you back on the road sweetie. Can’t wait to see the new purchase

Excellent news !

Great bike and you’ll be in love with it in no time.

they are great bikes, your gonna love it!, it may not be an R6 but it has the engine, and its great for touring!

Cool as!!

Delighted for you, Andrea. And I suppose you’ll be getting a SERIOUS ground anchor and one of those Almax IV chains, just in case… (it’s supposed to reduce your insurance premiums if you do, so might offset the cost a bit, and I hear Charly’s a bit handy with security stuff, but you already know that.)

Well done girl, bring it over to Chingford and get some chips


hello Mrs…give my stepdaughter Kelly a ring for a great insurance quote 01395 234112

last year mine was £489 and this year down to £258 !!..fully comp with breakdown cover!!

and i hope to see you out on it soon

Great news Andrea. See you out and about soon

Great news,

Hope to be joining you next week with new (to me) zx7r. I don’t know what my insurance will cost…can I try Kelly to Salee?