New Bike... Yeahhhhhh!!!

:cool: New bike time… '63-plate CRF 250 M Supermoto (well Mildmoto more like) :cool:

Red mudguard replaced by black one for some reason and previous owner clearly never heard of chain lube or Muc-Off, but other than that it’s tidy, and at a price that won’t hurt much on depreciation. 1300 miles and main dealer bought, so should be a sweet little runner until I’m in a financial position next summer to upgrade. Is badly needed as the XT660 is ready to die so it’ll be nice to have a bike that’s not in need of constant maintenance. Pick it up next week. :slight_smile:

Take the mickey if you want… obviously not a hardcore KTM or modded DRZ but I don’t care. Should be fun playing in traffic and not an embarrassment to be seen on like the multi-coloured, rusty, smokey, leaky XT. Speaking of which, where is the best place to get rid of a tired XT? Gumtree? Ebay? Breakers?


get the offroad tyres for it… that will be a hoot in the mud :smiley:

put some piccies up :smiley:

I bet that will be a lot of fun,

what’s wrong with the XT? I know a mechanical guy who wants a green lane toy.

I got myself a scooter aswell (honda s-wing 125) got it for a bargain. :slight_smile:

Kool! :smiley:

Well here it is… The Beast :ermm:

My partner has already christened it as ‘The Ant’ because she says it looks like one :stuck_out_tongue:

Only done 55 miles on it so far but it’s already proving better than the sum of its parts. Probably not a long-termer, but for the next 8 -10 months it’ll do me fine.

Nice one,

I have a CRF250L for the green-lanes, not sure how similar it is to the M, but it’s a very capable bike. If you need a a bit more oomf, you can probably do an air box mod and fit a tasty FMF pipe, but it’s a bit loud for the lanes, so I’m sticking with stock :wink:

How much do you want for the xt? I might be looking for a cheap project in start of September?!

Doubt much needs doing as it’s a 63 plate :smiley:

Why does it have a black L on the plate? :smiley:

Coz it goes about as fast as a learner :hehe:

Good question, and tbh I’m not really sure what it’s worth. A friend of a friend is coming to see it at the weekend and I’ll see if he wants to offer anything for it, but if he’s not interested then it’s open to offers. I got the bike near enough free so am not looking to make a huge profit on it. It’s an '06 plate with 50k miles. I had to do a fair bit to get it up and running when I got it and it’s been running fairly well up to 6 months ago, but is now smoking like a chimney and drinking oil like an alkie on Special-Brew. Needs quite a lot of time & money spent on it now to pass the MOT which is due in 2 weeks hence why I’m wanting rid. If the viewer this weekend doesn’t want it, I’ll post up details on here and it your for beer tokens. :cool:

congrats on new bike!

Get a pipe on it and BRAAPPPPP!