New bike today

Happy birthday to me - just picked up my NC750S from Motoden. Rain started the minute I got out the shop and I had to get straight back to work, but first ride pretty good. DCT gear box fun; looking forward to playing with that out of the traffic. Anyone else ride a DCT-bike? How do you find it? TY, N

I’ve only test ridden the DCT and it was on the crosstourer. I loved it but I wouldn’t like it on my own bike

I like the involvement of the manual, although I can see the attraction for commuting, cant see myself ever running one though, same as I would never run an automatic car, removes half the fun.

Happy birthday, you’ll have to let us know how the DCT is, I’m interested to know how you get one. I test rode the original NC700x when it first came out and thought it was a really good bike. The only problem I had was I was constantly hitting the rev limiter.

nice choice, happy birthday :slight_smile: