New Bike Time...?

Almost time for a new bike I’m thinking… Got a bit of money saved up so looking to sell the 99 fazer and get something with lower milage and possibly a bit more leg room…

Some wind protection/front fairing
Versatility - I commute mon-fri, weekend shreds, occasional motorway/touring
Luggage space - My only vehicle so I’m often strapping loads of junk to the back
‘Fun Factor’ - bit of gas there for when I need/want it
Comfort - no race replicas basically

I’m a 6’3" gangly freak boy so I’d prefer to stay away from the smaller bikes

-another fazer (the safe option)

BUDGET - £2000ish…

Any advice or input greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Thundercat because it sounds cool, it was one of my favourite animations growing up :smiley: and another guy called RobM is coincidentally selling one on another thread for £2100. Fate?

im looking at getting a 'cat too (though in a year, when my restriction ends), and have only heard good things about them (as long as you remember that they are not a sports bike)

CBR600F as it always seem to hold their price and have not seen a bad report written on one. Any comment Leon ?

I had 2 CBR600Fs and they are fantastic bikes. Solid, great handling, and good fun. Prettier than the others on that list IMO

Sounds like VFR time to me…

Totally regret selling my Thundercat :frowning:

Truly Brilliant Bike - I’m 6’6" and had no issues. Shop about and find a good one, you’ll not regret it.

That thundercat for sale on here is basically perfect but I’m not gonna be in the market until july/august sadly…

I’ve sat on a mate’s cbr600f and it did feel a tad cramped… Will have to give it a test ride to try it out but to be honest the thundercat takes my fancy a little more…

A vfr would be great but unfortunately it’s a little out of my price range and I understand that the servicing can get costly/complicated…

Just watch out for tranny problems with Thundercats!#

They normally have issues with the trannies as owners wheelie them and starve the trannie of oil, 2nd gear also takes a trashing

yeah, ive heard that have a rep for 2nd gear problems. Love my cbrf though

At 6’3" you wouldn’t look silly on a V-strom, 650 or 1000cc, very torquey and within your price range.

Just about to add V-Strom to the mix (prices will probably take a little bit of a hit as they have a new model being release tomorrow), also have a look at the Kawasaki Versys, and the TDM900.

The V Strom is a big tourer and a bit lumpy in town, i’ve tried it.

How about Kwak’s z750 with an aftermarket screen? Cheap as chips, great commuter and tours happily. Love mine, plus it had a good time round Mallory recently :smiley: Q

amazing bikes, already PM’d him as mine is going up for sale. They really are the do it all bike, they hold thier value well as they get older due to reliability reputation I guess. I am 5"10 and find it perfect size so guess at over 6 foot might be slightly too small.

Z750s sounds right up his alley, good wind protection, decent MPG (61 A-Road thrashing, 41 city-thrashing), comfortable, loads up nicely and performs well. It’s probably not the most exciting bike in the world, but I think it looks mean :cool:

The unfaired version wouldn’t be too fun on the longer journeys I reckon

You must have ridden the thou, the 650 is anything but a big tourer and far from lumpy, 200 miles on a tank however you ride it, oh and ten times more comfy than the Zed, I’ve tried it. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, you do have one issue… 6 inches too many… although I bet you don’t get many girls telling you that, :hehe:

:satisfied: :Whistling: I wouldn’t care to comment :blush:

A mate of mine has a CBR600F and a K7 Gixxer 750. The CB has about 120k miles on it and he says he can ride it faster than his Gixxer in the twisties. Never heard a bad word said about the CBR, they do hold their value well though so not sure if you’ll get a good one for £2k?

Thundercat hands down.

Mates got one - he’s never uncomfortable

they’re very ******* quick as well

and they are SO often overlooked.