New bike part II

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Nice machine…sh1t colour:)

Great looking bike, lovin’ the race paint scheme :cool:

i like it :smiley:


no… next!

It’s a shame they dont do the 6 in Repsol colours

erm, no its not. unless I am mistaken the official Honda team in Handsfree, there is no Repsol 600. You’d have to buy a blade for that.

Handsfree??? hahahaha

Edited: Lusty

32.9 miles on the clock! Want me to run it in for you?

BTW, it’s hannspree :wink:

I have seen one of these at HGB, Ruislip, very sexy bike and I love the green & white paint job :slight_smile:

I bet I know who this belongs to :slight_smile: Looks nice :slight_smile:

That looks fantastic. I think the Hannspree colour scheme looks superb on the RR. Everything fits beautifully.

Be gentle for those first 600 miles but then you’ll have one of the best road bikes around! Enjoy.:slight_smile:

From someone that can’t spell their name properly that is ironic

ooooo shiny n new :Wow:

I know that ya plank!:PThats why I said “It’s a shame they dont do the 6 in Repsol colours”;)I’ve just never liked the Hann colours… Pi55y green is yuck…sorry:)

clock needs adjusting :smiley:

lovely bike nuts:D shame you can’t get a double bubble without ruining the grapics though;)

I think it is still on factory pre set :cool:

Personally I think the Hanspree 600RR looks great, especially with me on it! :smiley: