New bike.... New name! :-)

Pick this up on Saturday! :cool::smiley:

I cant see any piccy ?

Strange, it’s shows on mine and on my iPhone! How bout this?

Hi mate can’t see the photo, welcome to the R1 fold :D… Even if mine is not working at the mo. :crazy:

I had an R6 prior to the R1 also, u soon learn to respect the throttle (especially when damp)… Have fun :wink:

Still a no … maybe someone else can see it ? Maybe its just me ??

I get a blue ? mark one the phone … and a red X on the PC …

You can’t post pics from iPads or iPhones for some reason…

Just had to boot up the laptop to copy the Pic from my facebook - it better bloody work now!!!

It works just fine . Very nice :slight_smile:

Lovely bike!


good for me, i’m the only one left with an R6 :smiley:

nice bike.

GSXRSean would have been better :stuck_out_tongue:

No your not, I’ve still got my R6 :smiley:

Nice choice SeanR1

Might have to upgrade again myself

Very nice mate.

Did you need to buy something quicker than the blade to keep up with Tigs then? :laugh:

Nice one mate , looks great !!

Haha no, just miss the fuel injection and the Yamaha is better!

Ang - It would have been a K7 GSXR1000 if it didn’t have stupid Orange Wheels!!

Nice mate, if you want to swap, i wont charge you any extra :wink:

JC lost out on the swap against his strada…

gorgeous bike

ooo i like that alot.

change levers to black before they go pink!

I like the subtle Yoshi sticker too.