Well guys , I have finally bitten the bullet !!

The KTM is part ex’d and a deal has been done with the very helpfull guys at On Yer Bike this afternoon !! Just got to wait for a couple of weeks for delivery as they are so busy at the moment in the workshop !!

My new weapon of choice is …A brand spanking 07 plated ZX10R in Black with Free ( yes Free !!! ) Acra’s .

Just got to wait till the 12th to pick the bloody thing up now

Time is going to go Soooooo slowly and I’m not going to have it for Borough on Weds

See you all out and about v soon ,

MM ( proper happy !!)

well done mate!, the zx sounds lovely and free akras!!! wow! ooh i bet ya canna wait?

Nice one mate, the AX10 is a monster of a machine.

I searched Google to see what a ZX10R looks like… erm…