New bike help

Afternoon all. I know these threads crop up very often but id really appreciate some help deciding on my new bike…

My current ride is a 99 R1 and I have decided to update it. I’ve got down to a shortlist of

  • Kwak 07 ZX10R with free akro pipes
  • k7 GSXR thou
  • k7 GSXR 750
  • Yam 07 R1.

If I could find a good deal on a K6 GSXR thou id jump at it but I havent had much luck yet.

I had a test ride on the Kwak yesterday and was impressed by how much faster than my R1 it was. This is probably the lead runner at the mo, cause I’ve been offered the bike for £7700 with free akro’s and a great p/ex price on the R1.

I’d love to hear from anyone with if they know of any good deals or about the reliability of any of the above or any other differentiator that will help me decide this week as it’s starting to drive me nuts !

Theyre all state of the art sports bikes and hard to separate. How nice to have such a choice<img src='' height='20' width='20' border='0' title='Smile' align='absmiddle'> Its personal preference really and once youve seen and ridden them all im sure the decision will be easier.

The GSXR750 may be the odd one out but definitely gets my vote. Very few riders can get the most out of the litre bikes which can bite back if ham fisted. The 750 is so easy to ride and easy to get the most out of, really rewarding.
It`s at home riding around town or scratching around the track in fact most riders will be quicker on the 750 than the bigger bikes.

I think Jay was looking at selling his Gixxer thou not long ago. If you have cash for a private purchase send him a PM.

So he could get the 75o perhaps

Thanks for the advice on the 750. You’ve identified the reason why it made my shortlist… Finding a good deal on one is another matter though !

A fried convinced me to have a look at second hand bikes again so by shortlist got larger with any of the bikes from about 05 on now being considered !

I still have the R1 so at the moment I do need a part ex im afraid.

I have just part Xed my kwak 636 C1 for the new K7 750. Was considering the 10 but its one ugly bike and not as useable as the 750. Was concerned that there was not going to be that much difference but how wrong I was between the 636 and 750

I think he said he was thinking of getting a 1098.

After lots of test rides zx10’s, D675, gixxers. I finally bought a new bike today…

K6 gixxer thou

Now feeling very poor !

Thanks to everyone that offered their advice.


Good choice with the Phantom - hope they gave you the FREE Yoshi can with it???

Good choice…k5 / k6 probably the best ever Gixxer 1000…Will go down as a classic.

I hope so, good residuals when i sell it!

No free yoshi im afraid as it’s an import from Taz… I got a deal I am really happy with though.

The yoshi is the best looking can i have seen. I’ve started combing ebay for one already !

Technically it shouldn’t be an import as the “phantom ltd edition” was from the USA “standard colours” they didn’t sell - so the only givaway is where the logbook (on uk bikes) says “registered as new”!!! (if yours says this, take the safety stickers + side reflectors off and sell it as uk bike and make a profit)

As for the Can (i’ll see if i can find a link for you) they do a pipe that looks like it come straight of the Rizla GSV!!!

Thanks for the advice. Despite my ailing finances I am looking for a can so any links / ideas would be great.

I am a little unsure about the whole import situation but they assured me it was exactly the same as a UK one in spec so hopefully should be ok.

Just make sure they put the headlight converter on it (take it to a MOT station and ask them to check it for you!!!) Imports are uk spec - but they have to do certain things to it - which sometimes don’t get done! also if you have any electrical things done/added make sure you bring your manual and tell the installer/shop its an import (sometimes the wire colours are different)

Thanks for the advice… Gonna give them a call tomorrow and check this is the case.

Backto the serious stuff though… I’ve heard nothing but good things about racefit exhausts so a growler is in the running as well

They are very nice - they sound mean!

This is a very importnat point…

One guy that bought a Gixxer 750 wasn’t aware it was an import (claims he wasn’t told)…On fitting an alarm, the £300 ECU got fried because the wires were different but the installer wasn’t made aware.

The dealer wasn’t admitting liability…The story was in MCN so maybe that was enough for the dealer to offer compensation…Not sure.