'new' bike' - GIXER750 K7 or CBR600RR

whats the best bet…??

… just come back from Oz… and was in bike dealer there (a suzuki & honda dealer) and the salesman was swearing blind that the CBR6 is better than the GIXER…

what do you guys think…???

(…course: this depends IF I cand get my hands on the cheaper 07 models…)

Both the bikes are fantastic and have very different characters, I bet once you’ve ridden them both you’ll know the answer for sure. It’ll be your own personal preference.

The 600 will keep you busy to get the most out of it but I really fancy one. I’ve had the k5 750 for a few years now but the impeccable handling of the 600 is very tempting for me.

Having demo’d the GSXR600 and 750, R6, R1 and CBR600 id say the GSXR750 gets it.

I understand its a 600 chassis and the handling felt the same but it had so much easier power delivery.

Wasnt keen on the R1 or the R6…

There has been much debate on here and the Gixxer750 always seems to come out on top as the best alround balance between handling and power. Saying that, it’s only you who can decide. You need to try each bike out and feel which one feels better for you:)

I also test rode both bikes and was VERY torn between the 750 and the 6RR. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that the cost of the insurance had a lot to do with my decision to buy the 6RR.

The 750 was a dream to ride as is the RR but I felt the 750 had a bit more grunt. It is also true to say that the 750 feels as light as the 600, it’s very easy to flick round bends.

750’s the way to go, more grunt, less tap dancing thru the gears, just a shame I cant afford a real gixxer got a pretend one :smiley:

thanks for the replies so far folks,…

just confirming what I thought : just wondered if any of the CBR-RR owners out there would say ‘CBR-RR : it’s a bloody miracle…’

… only issue I have now is trying to pay for a bike… d’ohhhh

I LOVE my bike :slight_smile:

Try the latest ZX6R too, I preferred that to the Honda. I’d also look at the Ducati 848, in white, looks very cool.

GSXR 750 is an amazing bike and best I have had, ridden the RR and its good but IMHO the 750 beats it. My mate has the RR and after riding mine wants one

The 600RR is an absolutely fantastic bike, as is the GSX-R750, but the biggest part of the decision may be made for you depending upon your size.

I’m 6 foot 1 and the GSX-R750 is an absolute fit. My wife has the 600RR and it fits her perfectly. (I reckon it will fit anyone under 5 foot 10) but I find my head is too far forward so I can’t read the clocks and my legs feel just too high. It’s still an awesome bike to ride though, even for me. It’s good right through the rev range, it’s on rails going round bends at speed and it just wants to go the whole time.

Another perhaps relevant point is that the GSX-R750 is, I believe, a fairly old design whereas the 600RR was reworked in 2007.

The test ride will tell you everything you need to know. Good luck!

I like the CBR6. It looks gorgeous… when you going to give me your Shauna :wink: