New bike choices

Having pissed around with the DRZ SM for a while after being unsure of needing or wanting a bike longer term, it’s time to commit. DRZ is fun around town but not a bike I want to just get on and ride for the sake of it anymore.

Not looking to spend masses of cash, like most house and kid commitments, and unlikely to commute on it. Random fair weather rides and hopefully odd BCR if the gang ever gets back together would cover 80% of my use. Current shortlist looks like this, last two a bit left field.

  • KTM 950/990 SM
  • Ducati Hypermotard 1100
  • KTM Super duke 990
  • BMW KS1300s
  • Ducati Diavel

Anyone have experience owning and living with any of these?

The KTM 990 SMC is rare but lovely!

I would add to 690 smcr to the list :wink:


Owned since new, now 9 years. Toured all over the UK, comfortable, good sized fuel tank 19L (if you absolutely enjoy yourself 110 till reserve, but touring in Scotland I got 168 miles till the reserve. Plenty of power and torque, and great fun.

Serious question Kev. How’s reliability?

In the first year the subframe cracked. However that was due to the wrong subframe being fitted 2011 rather than the correct upgraded version that was fitted to the 2012 model. The 2012 model was changed significantly from previous years, but for some reason mine had the old style subframe which cracked in the exact way which prompted the redesign of the subframe. The subframe was actually sent back to Austria.

Also under warranty the rear shock started leaking oil.

Other than standard wear and tear items the only other thing that has been replaced is the clutch slave that started weeping.

Not bad for 9 years and fast approaching 40’000 miles.

If you are interested in a 990SMT get the 2012 or 2013 model.


Thanks dude, won’t be buying anything that new so good to know re the subframe issue. Already know the update for Oberon clutch slave is a given, as is the need to regularly tighten bolts/drop of threadlock here and there. How did you get on with low speed throttle, seems to be number of people who say the 990 is a snatchy bugger? Not sure of the SMT though, really prefer the SM looks but appreciate the feedback.

SMR is too rich for me, would love one but seem to have stuck at £6.5k for ever. The KTMs I listed all appear to have held their prices well for 10-12yr old bikes.

I have akros and the map to go with it and iirc the rc8 alternate throttle cam. I’ve been really happy with it.

It’s taken a while but can confirm I have gone orange!! Need to ease myself back in and acclimate back to a big bike, it’s been a while. Will soon be looking for people interested in early Sunday morning runs in the North London/Essex area.

Anyone after DRZ parts ping me as may be able to help as having a clear out.


Don’t suppose you have a drz flywheel going spare, I might be about to need one.

Got any pics?

BMW K1300s
I nearly brought one before the XR i have now

I’m potentially after a whole drz

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@The_Sleeper will PM you