New bike - can't wait!

This post is also in the “bike specific” area, but I wanted to share it with a bigger audience so…

I went to an HD dealer on Friday to put some money down on the new Buell Ulysses XB12-XT. Got a good deal, nice Remus exhaust etc. and we phoned HD Insurance to confirm a quote before putting down a deposit.

The deal on the web site states £650 fully comp for 2 years ungaraged, £550 for 2 years garaged (excellent deal) and this was valid until end of June. However - after a chat with the insurance guys, they said the small print was that the bike had to be registered before April 30th. No worries, I thought, until the delivery time of the bike was mentioned… 8-10 weeks!

The bike would arrive AFTER the insurance deal ran out! I figured that if they were going to mess me about before I even bought the bike, sod’em, so I said “never mind”, and went to the BMW garage and bought an R1200GS on the way home!!!

My new Beemer arrives next weekend (fingers crossed).

HD Insurance called me this morning - they are extending the deal to June 30th as they has ballsed up their terms and conditions. Oh well - shame on HD insurance for losing a very good HD dealer a sale.

Can’t wait for my new bike though!!

…could you not have got the deal for insurance elsewhere?

NM Hope you like your new bike :slight_smile:

Exactly, there is always another insurer, But he likes BMW :stuck_out_tongue:

The BMW was my original choice anyway. I took the Buell out for a bit of a giggle a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it.

However, I have bought the GS with my head (year round biking with ABS, traction control, higher residuals etc.) and am less likely to regret my decision than buying the Buell with my heart.

And you can guarantee I’ll be happy with it!

Nice - those GS’ are beasts, and very very hardwearing, also had one, ridden by a BIKE journo, ride around the outside of me, knee down, at Snetterton last year…enjoy mate!