New bike, bought Almax Series III

New to riding and just bought new Bike. :smiley:

Concerned about theft, especially with a brand new bike so after much research went for the “uncroppable” Almax Series III with Squire lock. Spoke to Alex at Almax and he was very helpful giving a good tips and trying to make sure it would arrive when someone was in.

The chain arrived as requested and its a tough, heavy looking piece of kit. Feel much better having the bike chained up to the wall along with the steering lock and alarm. Know nothing is impossible to nick but hopefully enough of a deterent to keep away all but the most determined thieves.

Would definately recommend Almax. Great product and excellent, helpful service! Mention London Bikers too! :cool:

Alex is a very cool guy, he is funny and loves to chat a lot, lol…:smiley:

Or, if you want to save some hard earned without sacrificing any quality …

Get a 16mm or 19mm chain and Squire SSCS65 from PJB Security LINKY HERE