New Bike Advice - What You Think Of This? (GSXR)

Seen this on ebay, apparently its only done 810 miles?!

Ive emailed the seller and he said he wants £4900 - he says he doesnt think it needs an MOT at the moment but if its an 03 it would wouldnt it? Also says its been registered overseas. I get the feeling theres something fishy about the bike but Im not sure.

Anyone near me fancy taking a look at it with me on Sunday if the bloke gets back to me? I dont want to end up buying a lemon! Also he says its been run in but is there any way of telling how well its been run in or is it just hope its not been thrashed?


Registered overseas? Is it an import? This won’t really matter, but it can be an indication of its history. If it’s been in storage then it could be legit, but I would be suspicious. I would look for signs of wear, i.e. tyres, scuff marks around foot/hand controls and any obvious signs of identity change. Get a HPI check done on it to find out its history and see if it has any outstanding credit or other iffy things.

Awesome bike, just make sure it’s legit and not hiding anything.

Not sure if HPI would work on a bike that isn’t UK registered ?

Seller has no real feedback & yes it will need an MOT if it’s a 2003 bike.

Looks very clean though so could well be a good buy, you just need to check it out carefully first.

dude ill come and have a look with you if you want i have the same bike

the only fishy thing i can see from the pics is that it doesnt seem to have the original bridgestone tyres on and thats a bit funny if its only dont 810 miles…

Wicked cheers - Its really tempting with that mileage but the bloke seems a bit evasive with my questions!

Adz - if he does get back to me I’ll be in touch, cheers!

You can buy a brand new one for £5k, so why bother ?

I saw a new one for just 5.5k but was on a 56 plate as was regsitered but never used nor sold.