new bed linen

Now, what colour sheets and duvet set should i buy, i need something cum proof and something soft too, :P:D

Go easy mate you only got it yesterday!!!

Gotta be teflon coated silk, n’est-ce pas?

Brown ? :unsure:

Cream of course! :P;):smiley:

brown sheets? and tom i thought you were a man of taste!:wink:

White of course.

rubber sheets wouldn’t matter what colour then!

brown is a good idea tom lol

got brown on ours and cant see cum stains

Do not get satin duvet covers… lol

Have a handy ‘bed’ towel ready :smiley:

get in a bin bag ya minger :smiley:

White cotton with a high thread count


Loops he’s got one of them already…:slight_smile:

Westie, will you behave yourself!! Its still the day, there are children about!!! :w00t:

No joke, cream as the base colour, and then maybe a brown pattern, this will then hide the cum and the skid mark stains

although i sleep o`natural i never have skid marks on my sheets, my lord, perish the thought:P

lol so wrong…

You must sleep lying on your front? :smiley: