New beaky helmet from AGV

The AGV AX-8 Dual is one cool looking helmet!

taking after givis changeable-removable part helmet you han use this:

on a GS/adventure bike : as is
off road : remove visor
high speed: remove peak

it uses the same shell material as the GP-Techs (fiberglass/carbon/kevlar ) weighing 1,400g (medium)

*if only my head was AGV compatible :blink:


Hmmmmmm i like that black one:D

Any ideas when it’s on sale?

no info on price or when yet

I like that

Hopefully not as pricey as the Arai Tour X3

That’s frickin’ lush.

Looks nice, wonder how the peak will handle a shoulder check on the ‘german’ motorway system at 85mph.

well youd take it off to begin with wouldnt you?