New Battery

Anyone know I can get a new batt for a reasonable price in North or central london?

M&P are about the cheapest and if you order before midday it’s usually with you next day:)

Ta Chunky! Are there batteries any good?

If you get a Yuasa you won’t go wrong:)

Ok one more question! Which is better? Gel or Dry?

I went through hell with my Vmax battery, ended up buying an Odyssey gel job, 620A for the first 5 seconds (i.e. kicking). It’s an absolute dream, but cost about £108 delivered.

Well F me sideways!!! Thats a hell of a lot for a battery! Are gels that much better?

Depends how big a lump you’re trying to start. All I can say is that mine has solved a lot of grief in one go and I should have done it months earlier.

try halfords as they go good yuasa batteries,or firstline in north london hold loads.

Where’s firstline Mr?

arnos grove and there is a halford on the north circ just before you get to them as well.