new arai corsair helmet 2007

hello all,

I recently went to buy a nakano green corsair helmet from the internet (bikerbargins) and they had run out of the most recent (2006) nakano green helmet, so they let me have the brand brand (2007) new one for same price as the old one (newrrp £400)…result!!

picture below

p.s what colour visor should one purchase!!!




Sweet lid mate and cracking choice on the make! Arai make the best kit.

Very bright, very nice!

Thats a damn nice lid!

i got the old Orange Nakano, and if they do that one in an Orange i might have to look into getting one. (well any colour other than Kawasaki Green hehe )

Best get a dark visor so we aint gotta see your ugly mug!

get a genuine arai blue irredium visor they are about £60 and hard to keep clean but will look the bollox.and i may be able to get them