New Android parking bay locator app launched

Hi London Bikers

I would like to announce MotoBay London, a new Android app to help motorcycle and scooter riders find parking bays and car parks in London. The app was born after getting frustrated of not being able to find a parking space for my bike in Soho, and finding no suitable existing app available for my phone.

The app itself has the following benefits:

Rapid location finding means the nearest bays are displayed quicklyParking bay and car park information held on your device, so no online look-ups Navigation integration with Google MapsCoverage of all 33 London boroughsDetails of bay location, type, borough and addressDetails of over 1800 bays and 350 council-run car parksUsers can submit new and report incorrect parking baysA list of the parking rules for each borough is included
The app is available on Google Play now.



“UK Motorcycle Parking” app is a free alternative. Don’t know if it’s better or worse than this one, though.

:slight_smile: ta vm will look at both.