New Airoh SV55S Bluetooth Helmet

Looks like a nice piece of kit!! Well worth the lolly!!

New Airoh SV55S Bluetooth Helmet

Nice, how much?

Oh, it pillion, not pinion :smiley:

Be warned - I was in a motorbike clothing shop on Saturday, and heard the guy who owned it telling a customer not to bother wasting his money on a bluetooth helmet as ‘they are pony’…

There are decent ones. I know plenty of people who use the Nolan N-com helmets with Bluetooth. I have a Scala Rider bluetooth kit (clips onto your helmet) and (I only use it to play music from time to time but) it’s fine for me. Pairs up with my bluetooth phone just fine and off we go.

I’d be more concerned with buying an Airoh helmet full stop. The ones I’ve seen just look a bit low-quality in terms of build and materials. Perhaps this one is a different fish kettle, but…

It comes in at a tidy sum of £258.99, and is available in the black and silver!

good old rex judd clothing have them in stock,pop down have a look and see